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25 Quotes on Censorship for Lecturers within the Resistance

Possibly it’s the organic fieriness that comes with my being a redhead. Possibly it’s as a result of I taught extremely gifted children for thus lengthy and their penchant for loopholes is now etched into my very being. Possibly it comes from my very own academics who inspired mental discourse. Regardless of the purpose, there are few issues I really like greater than a rebellious spirit.

As states and districts across the nation implement extra archaic (and admittedly unconstitutional) tips for his or her libraries, academics, and school rooms, I’ve been questioning how academics can combat again. Once they can’t communicate up in their very own school rooms with restrictive laws or outdoors the classroom with non-disparagement clauses, it looks as if academics’ decisions are both to remain and be silenced, or go away the classroom altogether.

Or is there a 3rd alternative?

What about staying … and resisting? What about discovering methods to honor the humanity of your college students that may’t get banned? Can educators proceed to show in a approach that rejects the concept we’re made higher by ignorance, sameness, and inequity?

They’ll outlaw your Black Lives Matter indicators and the photographs of your spouses. However till they resort to banning written and spoken language, you possibly can nonetheless use quotes that affirm the worth of freedom, equality, range, and censorship. As a result of these quotes don’t include the “woke” language on cheat sheets given to oldsters and district officers to smell out offending academics, these will sail proper over the heads of anybody who turns into unhinged upon seeing a rainbow flag.

Listed below are some methods to make use of these quotes:

  • Verbally as class dialogue starters. “What does this imply to you?”
  • As classroom decorations on letter boards or bulletin boards.
  • On a Smartboard, projector display screen, or whiteboard as a “quote of the day.”
  • As journal prompts. “Replicate on what ___ is saying right here. Does this quote nonetheless have relevance at present? In that case, how?”
  • On random scraps of paper hidden all through the classroom for teenagers to search out through the yr like little Easter eggs.

25 Rebellious Quotes for Lecturers To Use in Their School rooms

Observe: I chosen the quotes from this record from the Worldwide Federation of Library Associations’ (IFLA) fantastic compilation of quotes on mental freedom and censorship.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

(“Who will watch the watchers?”)

—Juvenal (1st to 2nd cent. A.D.)

“There comes a time when one should take a place that’s neither secure, nor politic, nor widespread however one should take it as a result of it’s proper.”

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Schooling shouldn’t be the filling of a pail, however the lighting of a hearth.”

—William Butler Yeats

“Solely oppression ought to concern the complete train of freedom.”

—Jose Marti

“Human beings are maybe by no means extra horrifying than when they’re satisfied past doubt that they’re proper.”

—Sir Laurens Van Der Submit

“To suppress free speech is a double improper. It violates the rights of the hearer in addition to these of the speaker.”

—Frederick Douglass

“Freedom of speech and freedom of motion are meaningless with out freedom to assume. And there’s no freedom of thought doubtless.”

—Bergen Evans

“The best menace to freedom is the absence of criticism.”

—Wole Soyinka

“I’ll disagree with what it’s a must to say, however I shall defend, to the loss of life, your proper to say it.”


“By no means do something in opposition to conscience even when the state calls for it.”

—Albert Einstein

“You possibly can cage the singer however not the music.”

—Harry Belafonte

“… loss of life is uniformity. “

—Octavio Paz

“You possibly can muffle the drum, and you may loosen the strings of the lyre, however who shall command the skylark to not sing?”

—Kahlil Gibran

“I’ve at all times imagined that Paradise can be a type of library.”

—Jose Luis Borges

“I’d quite be uncovered to the inconveniences attending an excessive amount of liberty than to these attending too small a level of it.”

—Thomas Jefferson

“There may be nothing extra horrifying than lively ignorance.”

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Lock up your libraries in case you like, however there isn’t any gate, no lock, no bolt that you may set upon the liberty of my thoughts.”

—Virginia Woolf

“The library is the temple of studying, and studying has liberated extra individuals than all of the wars in historical past.”

—Carl Thomas Rowan

“At any time when residents are seen routinely as enemies of their very own authorities, writers are routinely seen to be probably the most harmful enemies.”

—Edgar Laurence Doctorow

“In Russia all tyrants consider poets to be their worst enemies.”

—Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko, Russian Poet

“No tradition can dwell if it makes an attempt to be unique.”

—Mahatma Gandhi

“Our lives start to finish the day we turn out to be silent about issues that matter.”

—Martin Luther King Jr.

“By no means, ‘for the sake of peace and quiet,’ deny your personal expertise or convictions.”

—Dag Hjalmar Agne Carl Hammarskjold

“In the long term of historical past, the censor and the inquisitor have at all times misplaced.”

—Alfred Whitney Griswold

“There may be multiple technique to burn a e book. And the world is stuffed with individuals working about with lit matches.”

—Ray Bradbury

“You don’t need to burn books to destroy a tradition. Simply get individuals to cease studying them.”

—Ray Bradbury

What in case you get criticized or reported for treasonous considering? Simple. “Oh, I had no thought! Thanks a lot for bringing this to my consideration. Will take it down straight away.”

You’ve got 1000’s of replacements to select from.

Which quote is your favourite? Tell us within the feedback!

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25 Quotes To Use in Your Classroom if Your District Is Banning Everything



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