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China’s Dugongs Practically Extinct, Partly Because of ‘Ghost Gear’

In a current paper, researchers with the Zoological Society of London and the Chinese language Academy of Sciences declared dugongs—docile sea mammals thought of cousins to West Indian manatees—“functionally extinct” within the waters off China on account of unsustainable and speciesist human exercise. One of many important causes for this was misplaced and deserted fishing gear, often known as “ghost gear,” which litters coastal habitats across the globe.

Researchers have discovered this fishing waste to be “essentially the most dangerous type of marine particles for animals.” Ghost gear entangles and kills numerous sea cows—as dugongs are generally referred to as—and different animals yearly. Air pollution, looking, boat strikes, coastal improvement, and destruction of dugongs’ meals supply are among the many contributing culprits together with discarded fishing gear.

Famously mistaken for mermaids in historic occasions as a consequence of their dolphin-like tails and measured, weaving motions, dugongs are one in every of two marine mammal species who eat solely vegetation, the opposite being manatees. They like to feed on seagrass whereas perusing shallow seabeds, typically stopping to relaxation on a reef whereas they digest their meals. Mom dugongs even float to the floor and cradle their calf with their flippers whereas nursing. But reckless people hold inflicting ache and sluggish deaths on these swish gliders of the ocean.

Often dwelling in coastal areas of the Indian and Pacific oceans, dugongs’ numbers have dropped to a dire low in Chinese language waters. People, together with by way of fishing refuse, have devastated their habitat there, regardless of restoration and restoration efforts deemed too late by marine biologists. Becoming a member of the Yangtze sturgeon, Chinese language paddlefish, and Yangtze River dolphin as functionally extinct within the space, most remaining dugongs now congregate alongside the northern coast of Australia.

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