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Doug Gottlieb apologizes to agent Casey Shut for reckless accusation

Smile if you’re a schmuck

Smile should you’re a schmuck
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As sports activities media devolves into the identical sort of morass that the remainder of the media is, and society in all probability (blissful to do my half!), you’ll be able to sort of break up the principle shops into two important classes. There are those that are merely round to belch out one thing most days of the week, regardless of how noxious or nonsensical it could be. The Skips and Whitlocks of the world. It doesn’t actually matter what they are saying, simply so long as one thing is emitted from their gaseous maws.

After which there are your agent-and-GM parrots, who pose as insiders however actually are simply placing into the mainstream no matter puppet grasp they’re serving that day needs the general public to listen to. It’s not reporting a lot as amplifying, but it surely pays properly, and you may even get HBO Actual Sports activities to do a chunk on you want Adam Schefter had as soon as. He doesn’t dig a lot as simply put his ear to the bottom and see who needs to whisper candy nothings.

The place Doug Gottlieb suits, I don’t have any concept, and I doubt anybody else does both. He’s someplace within the center, so he’s both each or neither, however he does appear to maintain emitting like a automobile that’s had its catalytic converter stolen. It’s loud and polluting and the sound usually makes you hunch your shoulders.

Gottlieb’s standard MO is to deny there’s racism in any dialogue of sports activities, as a result of as a white man he’s licensed to take action. Generally it’s to be a rape-denier. No matter it’s, it’s often horseshit, even when it might rise above the extent of gross.

Gottlieb’s newest dip into the sludge of his personal making was having to apologize to Freddie Freeman’s agent, Casey Shut, who had sued him after Gottlieb claimed that Shut had by no means knowledgeable Freeman of the Braves’ remaining supply, which led to them buying and selling for Matt Olson and Freeman taking the Dodgers’ cash. In fact, this may be the best degree of negligence from any agent, and profession suicide for somebody like Shut who has represented a mess of MLB gamers, most notably Derek Jeter.

It always sounded like Freeman, through Gottlieb, trying to save face with the Braves fans while maxing out his dollars, or the Braves themselves trying to paint someone other than fan favorite Freeman or themselves as the villain that led to Freeman leaving when it wasn’t really conceivable that he’d ever wear another uniform. An agent is always an easy target. Needless to say, an unchecked bullhorn like Gottlieb was going to run with it.

Well, yesterday, Gottlieb had to retract it all, which is generally what toads have to do after they’ve been caught.

Can see his apology here:

It probably won’t lead to anything much for Gottlieb, as Fox loves its smokestacks puffing gas into the air for the sake of it. But at least Gottlieb, for the time being, is exposed for what he’s always been.



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