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For Centuries, 75-YO Rajasthani Artist’s Household Has Crafted Jewels For Royalty

Well-liked among the many brides-to-be on the lookout for a royal look, the timeless Meenakari jewelry of Rajasthan has at all times been in demand. For generations, Jaswant Kumar Meenakar’s household has been superbly crafting these gorgeous jewels.

The 75-year-old continues to create these gorgeous items whereas striving to maintain this conventional artwork alive. “Meena means colors; Kari interprets to work. So, Meenakari means working with colors,” says Jaswant.

Meenakari is an historic type of enamel portray on steel; it originated in Persia. Popularised in India by the Mughals, this jewelry set Jaipur markets abuzz within the sixteenth century. Even right this moment, Rajasthan artisans specialise on this artwork kind.

Crafting Meenakari jewels and handicrafts takes nice talent; the method is intricate and time-consuming. Conventional colors — equivalent to crimson, inexperienced, white, and the wealthy ruby color, dominate the artwork of enamelling.

It entails adorning a steel piece by coating it with a paste or powder, which is then heated to extraordinarily excessive temperatures to fuse the steel with the powder. This creates a vibrant coating and ends in visually interesting art work.

This custom of enamelling has been operating in Jaswant’s household for hundreds of years. His household solely makes Meenakari jewels for the royal households of the state.

Jaswant, with a wealthy expertise of 55 years, has additionally been awarded the Nationwide Benefit Award for preserving and spreading the artwork kind. Even his father, Deen Dayal Meenakar has gained nationwide awards for a similar.

Watch this video to be taught extra about conventional Meenakari Jewelry.

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