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Issues James Harrison may push

James Harrison is 44 years previous, and is now retired however was once the strongest soccer participant I’ve ever seen play with my very own two eyes.

Now he’s the strongest individual I’ve ever seen with my very own two eyes.

It is a sled at some exercise facility unknown to man since you most likely must elevate the Earth’s crust to get there, however that’s not the purpose. Harrison is pushing 42 45-pound plates plus the bar for TEN YARDS.

That’s absurd in so some ways (pushing that a lot weight for what appears to be ten yards is wild) however in totality, his coach mentioned that was 1,960 kilos.



So we at SB Nation tried to seek out out the equal of 1,960 kilos simply as a reference level, for comparability functions.

Not solely may he push P, he may push your entire alphabet. —J.P. Acosta

James Harrison may push Sisyphus’ boulder.—Mark Schofield

A reindeer weighs 365 kilos. James Harrison may push Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and Rudolph.—J.P. Acosta

James Harrison may push your entire Cleveland Browns beginning offensive line.—J.P. Acosta

James Harrison may push a fishing boat.—J.P. Acosta

James Harrison may push two polar bears.—J.P. Acosta

James Harrison may push the Leaning Tower of Pisa again in place.—J.P. Acosta

James Harrison may push 8.9 Kenny Picketts, which most likely nonetheless isn’t sufficient Picketts to assist the Steelers offense. — David Fucillo

James Harrison may push a moose.—J.P. Acosta

He may push the Hearth Big off the cliff in Elden Ring — Mark Schofield

He may push the toothpaste again into the tube — Mark Schofield

He may have pushed the Ever Given when it received caught within the Suez Canal. — Mark Schofield

James Harrison may push Bikini Backside elsewhere.—J.P. Acosta

James Harrison may push Franky from One Piece.—J.P. Acosta



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