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‘Santa’ Gave Shriners Coal in Protest, Then They Attacked

Moolah Shriners had been caught on video in St. Louis this week assaulting two nonviolent protesters who had entered a Shriners assembly to proclaim, “Coal for you for abusing animals in your circus! Drop the animal acts instantly!” Fez-wearing Shriners battered 32-year-old Sasha Monik, dressed as Santa, and 40-year-old Kyle Mayberry, who filmed the protest in opposition to the Moolah Shrine Circus’ continued use of animals, as they tried to go away the constructing. One Shriner reportedly put Monik in a chokehold, twisted her arm, and held her in opposition to a wall whereas three or extra of them threw Mayberry to the bottom, ripping his clothes, and pinned him. One Shriner kneeled on his again, and one other stepped on his hand.

The Shriners stored the protesters in these positions till police arrived and charged the pair with trespassing and disturbing the peace. Monik was taken to the hospital for a CT scan and launched. Mayberry, who’s now affected by severely bruised ribs, was held in jail in a single day and launched the subsequent morning. The pair plan not solely to plead “not responsible” to the fees but additionally to sue the Shriners for assault.

It’s no shock that Shriners who help violently tormenting elephants and different wild animals for circus exhibits would additionally assault peaceable protesters. PETA stands behind “Santa” and her helper and is extra decided than ever to push the Moolah Shrine to drop the animal acts from its circus.

Moolah Shrine Circus Abuses Animals

The Moolah Shrine Circus is among the many final remaining exhibits that also use wild animals, who’re confined to small crates, stored in shackles, and disadvantaged of any semblance of a pure life. It has partnered with notoriously merciless exhibitors, together with Carson & Barnes Circus, which has been cited for greater than 100 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act and whose head coach was caught on video attacking elephants with bullhooks—weapons resembling a fire poker with a pointy hook on one finish.

Communicate Out In opposition to Shrine Circuses

Please, take this chance to talk out in opposition to the despicable legacy of Shrine animal circuses, through which elephants, tigers, bears, and different animals have been pressured to carry out underneath menace of violence for over 100 years.



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