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Take Motion for Animals Struggling at Austin Aquarium

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Austin Aquarium in Austin, Texas, is a grasping strip-mall aquarium and petting zoo that exposes delicate wild animals to the fixed onslaught of human fingers with the intention to make cash. Lemurs, kinkajous, sloths, and capybaras naturally keep away from people, however this sleazy aquarium sells paid “encounters” with them, inserting each them and the general public liable to harm and illness. Prioritizing industrial acquire over animals’ fundamental wants is a type of speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview.

A PETA undercover investigation revealed how little regard Austin Aquarium has for the animals saved on the ramshackle facility. A lemur reportedly turned tousled in a balloon string and hanged to loss of life. A supervisor refused to take a dying iguana named Igor (pictured above) to a veterinarian to be euthanized, stating that he was “simply” a reptile. As an alternative, he was left to die in a cage outdoors (pictured beneath). It took three days.

PETA’s investigation additionally reveals how little the strip-mall aquarium appears to care in regards to the security of staff and friends. Over the course of 4 months, PETA’s investigator documented that animals bit 12 guests, together with kids, and no less than 11 staffers. Flouting state reporting necessities, workers instructed the investigator by no means to doc an assault. Additionally they instructed our investigator that venomous vine snakes “go lacking on a regular basis.”

Because the investigation, a number of companies, together with 10 journey websites, blogs, media shops, and native companies, have compassionately chosen to depart this mall aquarium behind.

However others are nonetheless callously selling the power and disregarding the animals’ struggling and the dangers to public security. Please urge the remaining promoters to rethink their relationship with Austin Aquarium shifting ahead.



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