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The Ekeko or God Of Abundance

Each January is widely known “the day of the ekeko”, also referred to as Iquiqu or tunupa. He’s a deity honored by the Bolivian folks from centuries earlier than the conquest of the South American territory by the Spaniards. His space of affect extends by means of the Andes of the Peru and reaches Argentina the place it’s often recognized by different names.

The ekeko’s origin goes again to the traditional folks of Tiahuanaco, an historical civilization from earlier than the Incas, whose folks adored it as a result of they believed that it drove misfortune from their houses. After annexing the previous territory of Tiahuanaco to the Inca Empire, the Incas adopted the deity and made it a logo of fertility and good luck. Regardless of centuries of Christianization by the clergymen who got here with the Spaniards, this ancestral customized persists to today.

Ekeko y la Abundancia

The ekeko is depicted in a figurine that always has a peak of about 20 cm and is depicted as a grumpy man about 40 years outdated, with wrinkled face and really vigorous eyes, open mouth and arms prolonged as If he was anticipating an enormous hug. His gown is typical Andean clothes, consisting of a hat, ch’ullo (knit cap), scarf, poncho and easy sandals.

The ekeko, or god of abundance, is a really benevolent amulet. He can grant all needs simply by asking them. For this finish he’s overloaded with every kind of miniature objects, be they greenback payments, home equipment, automobiles, meals, or, certainly, something one may want. For that reason, from his physique grasp small packages like saddlebags. The holder of the ekeko can add new needs at any time when he or she must.

To be efficient, the ekeko should be given and never purchased. To get the ekeko to offer them their requests, you place a lit cigarette within the mouth each time you might be requested a want and smokes it till it’s utterly consumed. If the cigarette is simply half consumed then it’s unhealthy omen. If the ekeko smokes it till the tip then it suggests he’ll grant your want. You possibly can solely make requests on Tuesdays and Fridays at midday or midnight. Each time you ask to have a want met you give the ekeko a smoke. If the want or request is accepted, the cigarette will smoke as if the ekeko smoked it. The ekeko is usually owned by single ladies, who as a substitute of getting a companion want to have the ekeko who will grant all of them their needs in trade for his or her constancy to him.

In case the ekeko belongs to a household by which there was a younger single lady, folks say the ekeko may fall in love along with her and even really feel like he’s her proprietor. They are saying he’s a particularly jealous personage and will drive away any suitor and even cut up aside a pair in love. He can convey misfortunes to the house.

When the ekeko is acquired it must be positioned in a visual place to be admired, however it shouldn’t be touched for any cause as a result of it’s stated that if somebody touches it who’s charged with damaging energies then the ekeko can’t fulfill needs.

At present within the metropolis of Cusco this tradition of getting an ekeko at residence or in enterprise turns into stronger day by day as a result of all of us wish to make a want and have it fulfilled.

If you wish to purchase an ekeko you solely should go to any conventional market in Cusco, amongst which we are able to point out the market of San Pedro. There you could find quite a lot of ekekos.



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